District 9 "Schoolahardknox Revisited" CD

Formed in the early '90s in New York City, District 9 embodied the streetwise attitude of NYHC for years, playing shows, and being featured in the NYHC documentary, with bands like 25 Ta Life, Madball, Crown Of Thornz, VOD and No Redeeming Social Value. This disc contains the highly sought-after District 9 7" as well as a few demo tracks, a live track from their reunion show at CBGBs in 2006 and a whole live set recorded on WNYU radio.

  1. Intro
  2. Payback
  3. Think About It
  4. Live Life
  5. Behind Red Tape
  6. Fool
  7. I (demo)
  8. Stand Out (demo)
  9. Pushed To The Edge (demo)
  10. Live Life (live)
  11. Payback (live)
  12. Stand Out (live)
  13. Think About It (live)
  14. Pushed To The Edge (live)
  15. Fool (live)
  16. Game Of Politics (live)
  17. As One (live)
  18. Outro (live)