Down To Nothing "The Most" 12" Vinyl


Down To Nothing's Revelation debut full-length, "The Most," is a fully realized outlet for their sound, melding their energy and strength with a newfound melody. With influences ranging from Gorilla Biscuits and Judge to local Richmond, VA legends Four Walls Falling, "The Most" cements Down To Nothing's place at the forefront of hardcore. Recorded at The Outpost with Jim Siegel (Outbreak, Have Heart, Blacklisted), the thick guitars and barreled drums give an accurate replication of their infamous live show.


  1. Along For The Ride
  2. Conquer The World
  3. My Disguise
  4. No Faith
  5. Serve And Neglect
  6. Down On You
  7. Well Deserved
  8. Running Out
  9. Higher Learning
  10. Your Loss, Your Regrets
  11. Up River
  12. Quick To Judge