Drug Church "Hygiene" 12" Vinyl

"Hygiene" is the latest work from Drug Church. The Albany, NY, and Los Angeles, CA-based five-piece has a unique ability to make distinctly outsider music that's also welcoming and instantly satisfying, as evidenced by lead singles "Million Miles Of Fun" and "Detective Lieutenant." The two songs represent the essential tension between overt melody and visceral aggression that fuels Drug Church - the former pushing the band's seamless blend of hardcore bite and massive, '90s-indebted hooks to its most anthemic point, while the latter shows off a level of tunefulness never before seen in their catalog.

  1. Fun's Over
  2. Supersaturated
  3. Plucked
  4. Million Miles Of Fun
  5. Detective Lieutenant
  6. Tiresome
  7. World Impact
  8. Premium Offer
  9. Piss And Quiet
  10. Athlete On Bench