Dryjacket "Going Out Of Business" 12"


A more recent #CCMusicPick is Dryjacket's "Going Out Of Business," available in both gold (limited to 100) and maroon (limited to 200), and released in 2020. A favorite among fans, enthusiasts congratulate both the band and album for its more gloomy, soft tones paired with its lush and intricate instrumentality. This coupled with its authentic, unique identity hone in on a superb appreciation of the alternative indie genre.

Gold or Maroon LP


  1. Joe Luck
  2. Cattle Catcher
  3. Cease & Decease
  4. Intexticated
  5. Icicle Pyramid
  6. Decommissioned in 3
  7. S U R F P A R T Y U S A 
  8. Toynbee
  9. Pass Through The Night
  10. My New Favorite Restaurant Sucks
  11. Salt Life