Elliott "Song In The Air" 12" Vinyl

"Song In The Air" was Elliott's third full-length album. But for all of its beauty, energy and human spirit, Elliott's songs glow, spiral around, get messed up, come back home, get really sad, get worked up, fight against melancholy, are pissed off... they are "alive." "Song In The Air" was the first record that Elliott made with the addition of Benny Clark on guitar and Jason Skaggs on bass. New pressing now available on 180 gram vinyl. LP includes free digital download of this record.

  1. Land And Water
  2. Carry On
  3. Believe
  4. Beijing (Too Many People)
  5. Drag Like Pull
  6. Bleed In Breathe Out
  7. Song In The Air
  8. Away We Drift
  9. Blue Storm
  10. Genea