Embraced By Hatred "Time Waits" CD


Time Waits is fast paced nineties Metalcore with heavy beatdowns, divebombs, lots of double bass carpets and grotesque heavy hearted guitar licks and solos done by Embraced By Hatred.
As much as other contemporary bands such as Twitching Tongues, Powertrip or Turnstile they try too merge their music with the sound of forgotten days.
Welding 80s Crossover & 90s NYHC with Death Metal into a melting mixture in the vein of Merauder, Obituary, Stigmata, Drowning or Integrity.


  1. Time Waits For No One
  2. W.O.T.W.
  3. Dehumanize
  4. On The Grind
  5. Fool Me
  6. Trife Life
  7. Limits
  8. Harder They Fall
  9. Chronos
  10. Peacemaker
  11. Beyond Time