Eye Of The Destroyer "Baptized In Pain" CD


Sometimes a band has a lineup shift and suddenly pulls it together in a big bad way. Such is the case with Eye Of The Destroyer. Their latest offering, Baptized In Pain, sees the band reach a whole new level. These New Jersey madmen have finally tightened their sound with their fusion of deathcore and slam. Consequently, their second full length marks a huge step forward. Eye Of The Destroyer doubled down on their strengths and crafted a masterwork. Baptized In Pain is sixteen tracks of pit inducing brutality.


  1. Rebirth 
  2. Buried Alive 
  3. Death Master
  4. Body Snatcher 
  5. Life of Deceit 
  6. Postmortem Mutilation 
  7. Baptized in Pain 
  8. False Prophet 
  9. Disposal of Flesh
  10. Twisted Perception 
  11. Starved and Hanging 
  12. Stalked and Slain 
  13. Endless Suffering 
  14. Violent By Design
  15. Plagued 
  16. Face Down