Flesh Tomb "Torn From The Womb Of The Sky" CD


Former and current MERCY BLOW, MUTILATE, VICIOUS EMBRACE and INTERNAL BLEEDING members come together to punch your face with the hardest ass music you will ever hear within the next period. Blackened slamming Death Metal meets filthy dirty Beatdown. Guest vocals by Rini INTERNAL BLEEDING and Mike DEVOURMENT. Released as a 4-panel digipack MCD limited to 166 copies worldwide. Get ready for some sheer Delaware brutality.


  1. Torn From The Womb Of The Sky (Ft.Frank Rini of Internal Bleeding)
  2. Shroud 
  3. Farnum (ft Mike Majewski-Devourment) 
  4. Tomb Of Knives 
  5. Blackness
  6. Insignias To The Hollow Void of The Abyss