Foxing "The Albatross" CD


With "The Albatross," St. Louis, MO's Foxing has created an urgent and cinematic debut album. Gorgeous orchestration and shimmering guitars soar at one moment giving way to fervent vocals and intricate, crashing instrumentation the next. With comparisons ranging from Do Make Say Think, The National, and MeWithoutYou, Foxing isn't easily pinned down to a genre. Instead, they are something wholly their own which is truly something special. Now available on colored vinyl.


  1. Bloodhound
  2. Inuit 
  3. The Medic 
  4. Pent Up In A Blind
  5. Rory
  6. Bit By A Dead Bee Pt 1
  7. Bit By A Dead Bee Pt 2 
  8. Den Mother 
  9. Calm Before 
  10. Quitus