Various Artists "The Albatross: Ten Years" 12" Vinyl


Foxing's The Albatross is one of the seminal emo/indie albums of the last decade. Ten years later, the band has put together an all-star cast of artists inspired by the album to record their own versions of songs from the release. In addition to Foxing reimagining several of their own songs, artists like Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Sweet Pill, Home is Where, and many more put their own stamp on the album that shaped the last ten years of the genre.


  1. Carly Cosgrove - Bloodhound
  2. Insignificant Other - Inuit
  3. Sweet Pill - The Medic
  4. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Rory
  5. Home Is Where - Bit By A Dead Bee Pt. I
  6. Hey, ILY - Bit By A Dead Bee Pt. II
  7. For Your Health - Den Mother
  8. Colleen Dow - Quietus
  9. The Medic (2023)
  10. Rory (2023)