Fury "Failed Entertainment" 12" Vinyl


Fury's "Failed Entertainment" was their debut on Run For Cover Records, recorded by Colin Knight and guitarist Madison Woodward at Paradise Records. Seeking new surroundings and expertise, the band also collaborated with engineer Andrew Oswald at The Secret Bathroom Studios and mixing engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Seaweed). Fury keeps their feet firmly planted in hardcore while bringing in complementary influences, from literature to film to myriad bands and visual artists with "Failed Entertainment.”


  1. Angels Over Berlin
  2. Goodtime
  3. Vacation
  4. America
  5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out
  6. Birds Of Paradise
  7. Mono No Aware
  8. Lost In The Funhouse
  9. New Years Days
  10. New Years Eve (Melbourne)
  11. Crazy Horses Run Free