Garrison "A Mile in Cold Water" 12" Vinyl


Garrison was born in Boston during the heyday of the prolific late ’90s post-hardcore scene. Their cohort featured heavy hitters like Piebald, Cave In and Converge. Following in the footsteps of bands like Quicksand, Drive Like Jehu, and Texas is the Reason, Garrison drew from many influences to create a hyper-melodic sound that ranged from hardcore to emo, all without fitting neatly into any genre. They executed a complex and unique sound, seamlessly combining technical guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and heavy breakdowns in a way that few bands were able to achieve.

Garrison toured relentlessly, playing regularly alongside iconic bands of the era such as The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory. Shortly after forming, the band found themselves signed to Revelation Records where they released their first debut LP “A Mile in Cold Water.” The LP was well received among fans and critics and made a place for itself as a notable release for the post-hardcore movement. The album opens with “After the Fight,” which immediately hooks you with its melody, fast tempo, and emotional breakdowns, highlighting the band’s hardcore roots and complex style. The LP rises with heavier post-hardcore moments such as “The Dumbest Angel” and falls with several softer emo ballads, most notably on the somber closer “Favorite Goodbye Fuck.”

Though Garrison went on to release numerous albums on Revelation Records and Iodine Recordings, “A Mile in Cold Water” remained their most significant and important release. While Garrison never broke in the same way that many of their peers did, this record clearly paved the way forward for many bands that followed in the post-hardcore and emo scenes.

Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studio in 2001, Ballou returned in 2023 to completely remix the album to really make these songs shine the way they always intended to sound. Remastered by Jack Shirley (Quicksand, Joyce Manor) at The Atomic Garden. The album is being presented in a special gatefold jacket and features elements of the original art, and new artwork from Dan McCarthy.

01. After the Fight
02. Selective Hearing Loss
03. Is That a Threat?
04. Squirrel Bait
05. There's Only So Much Coffee
06. Our Mild Scoliosis
07. Always Be Closing
08. Fuel
09. The Dumbest Angel
10. Penelope
11. Favorite Goodbye Fuck
12. Reprise