God Is War "Predation Perfected" 12" Vinyl



  1. I Admire You...Like You I Used To Think The World Was This Great Place Where Everybody Lived By The Same Standard That I Did...And Then Some Kid With A Gun Showed Me I Was Living In His World
  2. Predation Perfected (I Don't Need To Respect Any OG In Industrial Or Power Electronics Cuz I Am One Mother Fucker)
  3. On LSD At The Legion Of Doom (The Grimiest And Gulliest Of Goons)
  4. A Man's Game Requires A Man's Cost
  5. I Don't Give A Fuck Who Played It First, I Been Doing Better, Same Wit All My Shooters
  6. El Cucoy And Abou Knees Grinning In The Darkness