Headsplitta "Street Cleaner" CD


Real deal Rap artist DANIEL GUN team up with multitalent Arjan STAB BY STAB for this new project entitled HEADSPLITTA. This record is a total homage to the old glory days of metallic Ruhrpott Beatdown Hardcore and classical mid-00 MySpace Mosh. German Rap parts team up with brutal vocals and mean breakdowns. Imagine a mix of REDUCTION, old NASTY, old EMBRACED BY HATRED, IN BLOOD WE TRUST, SMA, RME with VOW OF HATRED, CDC, UNIT 731, a touch of DEVIL INSIDE and some dark evil moments. This is the 4-panel digipack first press including a wodden patch strictly limited to 100 copies.


  1. Ghetto Murda Style
  2. Bats, Gats & Fistfights
  3. No Love
  4. Despair
  5. Rude Boys
  6. Street Cleaner