Hurtpiece "To The Bone" CD


HURTPIECE is a brand new name out of the Pittsburgh Hardcore scene but features a bunch of Steel City veterans from bands like VOW OF HATRED, NO GOOD DEED, CIRCLE OF CAINA, STEEL CITY FIRM, LAST BREATH OF MAN just to name a few. I guess this namedropping speaks for itself to describe the sound of HURTPIECE. Blackened Pittsburgh Beatdown Hardcore with Death Metal hints straight in ya face. Cavemen breakdowns to the max. Feat. guest vocals by Mason PENITENTIARY, Gerado BODYBAG and Jason BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION. 4-panel digipack MCD limited to 150 copies worldwide.


  1. To The Bone
  2. Choking
  3. Architects Of Hatred
  4. Dust Of Tears
  5. Spoken Word