It Dies Today "The Caitiff Choir/Forever Scorned" CD+DVD



  1. My Promise
  2. Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads
  3. The Radiance
  4. The Depravity Waltz
  5. A Threnody For Modern Romance
  6. Marigold
  7. Freak Gasoline Fight Accident
  8. The Caitiff Choir: Revelations
  9. Our Disintegration
  10. Naenia
  11. The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism
  12. Sentiments Of You
  13. Bridges Left Burning
  14. The Requiem For Broken Hearts
  15. Forever Scorned
  16. Blood Stained Bed Sheets Burden
  17. A Romance By The Wings Of Icarus
  18. Enjoy The Silence

It Dies Today's debut album, "The Caitiff Choir," has been remixed by Eric Rachel (Atreyu, God Forbid) and remastered by Dave Collins (Queens Of The Stone Age, No Doubt) and packaged with all new artwork. The album comes with 7 bonus songs including the re-recorded versions of their "Forever Scorned" EP, as well as their Depeche Mode cover of "Enjoy The Silence," for a total of 18 songs. CD version includes a DVD with 3 videos and behind-the-scenes footage.