Army Of The Pharaohs "Ritual Of Battle" 2x12" Vinyl


The sophomore album from the underground supergroup spearheaded by Jedi Mind Tricks' front man Vinnie Paz. Available only briefly after a small repress, the album will now for the first time ever on Limited Edition Gold Vinyl (and also available as a special edition orange vinyl set). "Ritual of Battle" also marks the first time since 2000's "Violent By Design" that Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah have appeared on the same track together.


  1. Swords Drawn
  2. Time To Rock
  3. Dump The Clip
  4. Black Christmas
  5. Blue Steel
  6. Gun Ballad
  7. Strike Back
  8. Frontline
  9. Through Blood By Thunder
  10. Murda Murda
  11. Bloody Tears
  12. Seven
  13. Drama Theme
  14. Pages In Blood
  15. D And D
  16. Don't Cry