Jonathan Francis "Life in The Weeds" 12" Vinyl


New Jersey born and raised, Jonathan Francis now resides at the seasonally depressed “Jersey Shore”. Formerly of NJ punk-trio, The Moms, Jonathan Francis cooked up something new with the help of Pete Steinkopf at Little Eden. The debut LP “Life in The Weeds” is available on Chunksaah records. With Little Eden Studio and Chunksaah Records being located in the same building, and most of the songs written within blocks of it… the record is what we like to call “hyperlocal”. 


  1. Borrowed Song
  2. Snow On The Beach
  3. Life In The Weeds
  4. Waited Too Long
  5. Squirrels On 7th Avenue
  6. G2G
  7. Ghost
  8. Wait For You
  9. Abuser
  10. Grtngs Fr Asbry Prk