Kings Never Die "Its What We Live For" CD


KINGS NEVER DIE is all business about being true to the art and music they create, together and believing in themselves how they are doing it.  They do not claim to be re-inventing the wheel here, but the unique sound of the music and vocals speaks for itself.  At the core, the future musical direction will be even harder than their previous releases but keeping the big, chant-like sing-along vocal style is memorable with angry yet most importantly insightful, meaningful, and uplifting lyrics content.  Vocally, Dylan Gadino holds it down, supplemented by Nastasi’s vocal presence, strategically overlaid to compliment Gadino’s delivery.  Dan Nastasi is as solid as a rhythm guitarist gets and when Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda peppers in his tasty leads and melodies, the outcome is an amalgamation of aural provocation.  Bass player Jay Kalfin meticulously compliments the rhythm section with perfectly timed bass lines that round out the multi-layered delivery of Nastasi and Nieroda.


  1. Pure Gold
  2. Minor Threats
  3. We Got Tonight To Fight (ft Ratbones)
  4. Never Know What You Might Find
  5. Raise A Glass (ft Vinnie Stigma/Mike Gallo)