Knockout Kid "Manic" CD


Knockout Kid's "Manic" was released by Bullet Tooth in 2016 and the band calls it an introspective album that tackles mental illness and personal "flaws," giving them not only an outlet, but sending them out toward the world as a "beacon from your lighthouse." The path to find and understand oneself is hard, but no one is ever alone on that journey. Grab a copy if you need the pick-me-up to continue moving forward.


  1. Stay Lit 
  2. Going, Going, Gone 
  3. What You're Afraid to Say 
  4. Empire Business 
  5. Jurassic Park After Dark (feat. Trey Sexton) 
  6. Handbook for the Recently Deceased 
  7. Atlas Absolved 
  8. No Words 
  9. Legend of the Bare Knuckle Bronson 
  10. Redwood Original 
  11. House on a Hill 
  12. Knife Fight in a Phone Booth