Let It Burn "The Expanding Universe" 12" Vinyl

Produced by Matt Squire (The Explosion, Thrice, North Star), Let It Burn's "The Expanding Universe" (a Chunksaah Records release) strengthened their rock and roll assault, twisting sounds of traditional 80's punk and 90's Brit rock into a new and exciting punk rock evolution. This Jersey shoreline quartet have spent a great deal of time listening to the music of their West Coast forebears and mentors like Samiam, Seven Seconds and Jawbreaker. They play the kind of driving, kick-ass three chord melodic punk that has been bastardized and plagiarized by other bands trying to pass the sound off as their own. These guys wear their influences on their sleeves and their songs come across as an inspired homage. Expand your vinyl universe by grabbing a copy today!

  1. Expanding Universe
  2. From Jersey With Love
  3. Eleven
  4. Kaleidoscopes
  5. Something To Believe In
  6. Angles and Demons
  7. Your Sweetness
  8. Tomorrow Is?
  9. The Rising
  10. Clenched Fists
  11. Living and Forgiving