LMI "Far Beyond Nothing" CD


“Far Beyond Nothing” is the second full-length album from Lansdale-based trio L.M.I.  As with their prior releases, the 3-piece outfit charge forth with their signature blend of modernized hardcore-punk and pounding sludge metal to create a truly frightening experience. Stand-out tracks like “Destined For The Ground” and “Sun Rites” best feature vocalist/guitarist Will Hinkle’s blackened shriek that colors the album in a dreary shroud of misery and despair. With driving hardcore rhythms and morose, borderline black-metal vocals, and no song longer than 3-and-a-half minutes, L.M.I. continue to forge a unique sonic frontier of their own, with few contemporaries to call upon. 



  1. Coffin Niche 
  2. Destined for the Ground
  3. Emerald Motions 
  4. Weak Stilts  
  5. Salamander  
  6. Stress Dreams
  7. Sun Rites 
  8. Rational Defect 
  9. Poison Landscape 
  10. Collapsing Pages