Luther "Let's Get You Somewhere Else" 12" Vinyl


Luther has a hard time standing still. After two years and hundreds of shows, Luther has put the finishing touches on their debut full length. "Let's Get You Somewhere Else" finds the band honing their nervous energy to create not only a more straightforward, driving album but also a momentum that will keep the band from slowing down anytime soon

  1. The Concrete Sound
  2. A Calm
  3. Heavy Money
  4. The Glory Bees
  5. Backyard Fence Appeal
  6. The Second Star
  7. Rattlesnake
  8. A Quiet Stretch of Weather
  9. Sunset, Sugar
  10. An American Gothic
  11. The Farmer and Her Wife
Vinyl Pressing Info:
1st Pressing
250 - Pink/Black Aside/Bside Vinyl (Chunksaah Mailorder)
250 - Clear Vinyl w/ Splatter (Tour)
500 - Pink Vinyl (Retail)