Mother of Mercy "IV: Symptoms of Existence" 12" Vinyl

About half an hour from us here at Cold Cuts is Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where this next pick is from. Mother Of Mercy released "IV: Symptoms Of Existence" through Bridge Nine Records in 2011. Alt Press reviewed the drop, stating that, "The band swing into the kind of dense, groove-laden territory first marked out by Black Sabbath and embraced by the likes of Crowbar and Cancer Bats and they are every bit as proficient in crafting these monsters. Taken together, these flavors complement each other perfectly, helping to forge an album that is riveting from start to finish, situating the band comfortably alongside their fellow Philadelphians in Blacklisted and Paint It Black." The artwork on this album is done by the amazing Paul Romano (Mastodon, Godflesh, The Acacia Strain, etc.). Definitely give these locals a listen!

  1. Forever Night, Forever Mourning 
  2. Symptoms Of Existence 
  3. Soul Burns Slow 
  4. World Of Pain 
  5. Swinging The Chain 
  6. Live Through Darkness 
  7. Control 
  8. Drown 
  9. Upper Hand 
  10. Final Breath