Mutually Assured Destruction "Ascension" 12" Vinyl


The debut LP from Richmond, VA's Mutually Assured Destruction is an exploration through the cosmos of hardcore, metal, and rock. The album references hardcore bands like Only Living Witness, Iron Age, and War Hungry, while giving nods to metal acts such as Black Sabbath and Corrosion of Conformity. Proficient guitar work, layers of vocal stylings, and heaviness any alternative music fan can enjoy are showcased throughout the entire record. For the headbanger and mosher of every flavor, this is the record for you.


  1. Seven Crowns
  2. Got A Light?
  3. Gates Close At Dark
  4. Haint Blue
  5. Spirit Liberation
  6. The Struggler
  7. Sorcerer's Ride / The Siege
  8. Scroll of Doom