Nicole Dollanganger "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" Digital Download


With her sophomore release, Canadian singer Dollanganger continues in her delicate approach to minimally-based lo-fi. Much like her impressive debut, Curdled Milk, Dollanganger again employs a guerrilla style of production, having recorded all of her songs “in my bedroom/bathroom”. Upon further listens, you come to find the serene atmosphere that “Flowers” invokes is in direct contrast to its stark lyrical content, painting vivid portraits of depravity and degradation, images otherwise unbearable if not for Dollanganger’s angelic carol. (FFO: Julien Baker, Grouper, Jewel)

1. Rabid
2. Cement
3. Nebraska
4. Adam (Reformatory)
5. Adam II (Infirmary)
6. Phantom Pains
7. Lividity
8. Fleurs Captives
9. Danny
10. Flowers of Flesh and Blood