No Redeeming Social Value "Wasted For Fun" 12" Vinyl


The year is now 2020 and the band is still going strong. NRSV never stopped playing or partying, and they continue to bring their unique style of mosh-worthy jams to the world. Their action-packed, brand new, full-length album titled "Wasted For Life" features 10 new songs of intensely riotous hardcore punk at its finest! NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE continue to deliver the classic hard-hitting, old school hardcore sound with their own energetic and unique twist, along with many anthemic sing-a-longs that will soon be hardcore classics. If you're ready to get wasted with NRSV, then drop the needle on this slab and join the Brew Crew for a raucous good time


  1. Don't Tell Me
  2. Brew Crew
  3. Rat Bones
  4. Shatter Proof
  5. Sociophilia
  6. Punk Rock Wedding Song
  7. I'm Gonna Puke
  8. Separation Anxiety
  9. N.Y.C X N.R.S.V