Parkway Drive "Ire" 2x12" Vinyl


Australian titans and metal's most ambitious band, PARKWAY DRIVE, have released their highly anticipated fifth album, 'Ire'. PARKWAY DRIVE has spent the past decade at the forefront of heavy music worldwide, and yet 'Ire' is the sound of a band that continues to push their own limits. This is the kind of band that can sell out stadiums and who have reached Metallica, metal god-like status in their home country. But PARKWAY DRIVE still welcomes the excitement of setting up a DIY show in Kolkata, India as seen in their world tour documentary 'Home is for the Heartless' (2012). The Australian powerhouse has tapped deep into its reserves of talent and creativity, and have taken their craft as musicians and songwriters to another level. 'Ire' is clearly something brave and new as heard in the band's newfound musical depth and urgency in Winston's vocal deliverance. They are a band that will continue to challenge themselves; and in doing so they will again redefine what has been thought possible for a metal band from Australia to achieve.


  1. Destroyer 
  2. Dying To Believe 
  3. Vice Grip 
  4. Crushed 
  5. Fractures 
  6. Writings On The Wall 
  7. Bottom Feeder 
  8. The Sound Of Violence 
  9. Vicious 
  10. Dedicated 
  11. A Deathless Song