Penitentiary "Recidivist" CD


"Their brand is a blend of heavy hardcore, beatdown, and street metal forged in the dying flames of small town industry and unforgiving winters. Harsh conditions breed harsh sounds. It's with Upstate's dependable co-sign that we've been gifted Indiana's Penitentiary, whose 2018 late summer LP, Recidivist, is a bone-jarring must- listen.

The last few years will be remembered as yet another glorious renaissance of metallic and unrelenting heavy hXc. They certainly sit comfortably with Departed, Dissent, Detain, Eyes of the Lord, Three Knee Deep, and Queensway.. In the world of "legislative hardcore," Penitentiary would be where you're sent after Judiciary found you guilt."

- No Echo 


  1. Hate Combined (Feat. Zack and Serg of Silverhammer)
  2. Lockdown
  3. Recidivist (Feat. Joe of No Reason to Live)
  4. Deadworld
  5. Injustice
  6. Piece of MInd
  7. Snitch
  8. Divert and Divide (Feat Jaaron of Blood In Blood Out)