Piece of Mind "Trilogy" 12" Vinyl


"Trilogy" compiles 3 releases from Tulsa, OK's PIECE OF MIND. The material was previously only available as limited cassettes or on digital platforms and has been remastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering in NJ. This collection of 12 tracks of 90's inspired hardcore is reminiscent of such acts as TURMOIL, BURIED ALIVE and ONE KING DOWN, while still maintaining its own identity and sound. 12" includes a digital download.


  1. Endless Lies 
  2. Harsh Reality 
  3. Judas In Your Eye 
  4. Despise 
  5. Nation Of Fear 
  6. Worlds Collide 
  7. Unjust Society 
  8. Boil 
  9. Omega 
  10. No Light 
  11. Kiss Of Peace 
  12. Desperation