Planet Loser "Planet Loser" Cassette


It's not uncommon for those with roots in the hardcore scene to grow a bit older and start to stretch their figurative musical wings a bit. The creative forces behind Nothing, Cold Cave, Sleigh Bells, and a litany of others all cut their teeth playing in various hardcore bands, honing their skills and, by most accounts, bringing some hard-earned lessons about songwriting that cuts to the chase. Florida's Planet Loser may soon be another of the notable acts among that list, with the release of their debut EP via 6131 Records. Started as the project of Ethan Murphy (ex-member of hardcore band Blistered) and his long-time partner Amber Lewis, the EP showcases just how strong the pair's songwriting prowess can be. Each of the five songs feels immediately familiar without being cliche, influenced by classic '80s elements, yet undeniably catchy in a way that comes almost as second nature to those with a hardcore background.


  1. Reverie
  2. Floating Through You
  3. Feel You Breathe
  4. Warmth
  5. Mend