pronoun "i'll show you stronger" 12" Vinyl


Musician Alyse Vellturo self-describes Pronoun as "indie-emo-bedroom-rock-that-no-one-asked-for." We think it's exactly what the world asked for. "I’ll Show You Stronger" is, well, a strong body of work - that's also wrapped in emotional vulnerability yet offers wise words and a shoulder to cry on, says The Alternative. The pseudonym was chosen by Vellturo because a pronoun can stand on its own, which is what Vellturo felt like they were doing.


  1. You're Not Trying At All
  2. Run
  3. You Didn't Even Make The Bed
  4. For The Story
  5. Stay
  6. Sadie
  7. Temporary Tantrum
  8. Some People
  9. The Pieces Of You
  10. As If
  11. Wrong
  12. Everybody Knows