Pulling Teeth "Martyr Immortal" (10th Anniversary Edition) 12" Vinyl


"Martyr Immortal" by Pulling Teeth is their second studio album which was originally released in 2007.  This particular version is the 2017 10th Anniversary Edition which includes the song "Dismissed In Time (As Perfection Unwinds)," which wasn't included on other vinyl pressings. These raging hardcore tracks perfectly fuse the metallic intensity of bands like Integrity and the manic energy of Left For Dead with a hint of Slayer thrash.


  1. With Avarice
  2. Dead is Dead
  3. Clipped Wings
  4. Stonethrowers
  5. Shiteaters
  6. Sick And Tired
  7. Rains
  8. Basically Dead
  9. Martyr Immortal
  10. Mori Omnes Vincent
  11. Black Skies
  12. Ashes And Dust
  13. Dismissed In Time.. As Perfection Unwinds