Puppy "The Goat" 12" Vinyl


"The Goat" by occult rockers Puppy was released in 2019 on Spinefarm Records to much critical acclaim. The band describes their sound as aiming for "somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and Black Sabbath." Additionally, Metal Hammer has compared the band's musical style to "Ghost waltzing with Deftones, mixing flashy, glam rock guitar that turns into huge hulking metal riffs with chin-stroking, elegant indie pop." You wouldn't expect a heavy metal album like this to be drenched in pink aesthetic, but here we are. You gotta check these riffs out!


  1. Black Hole
  2. Vengeance
  3. Poor Me
  4. Just Like You
  5. And So I Burn
  6. Entombed
  7. World Stands Still
  8. Bathe In Blood
  9. Nightwalker
  10. I Feel An Evil
  11. Handlebars
  12. Demons