Rain of Salvation "In Times Of Desperation" CD


RAIN OF SALVATION are a straight edge hardcore band from Long Island, NY - Delaware - Connecticut. Their new EP "In Times of Desperation", packaged alongside a newly remastered version of their "A War Outside and Within" EP on the B side of this US 12 inch pressing. 8 tracks of metallic straight edge anthems that'll have you reaching for the fattest permanent marker as fast as you can. FFO: Foundation, Buried Alive, Turmoil, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Indecision and Strife


  1. The Sound Of Triumph 
  2. October Sky 
  3. In Times Of Desperation 
  4. Rain Of Salvation 
  5. First Stone 
  6. Turn Traitor 
  7. The Process Of You 
  8. Call Of Arms