Ramallah "The Last Gasp of Street Rock N' Roll" 12" Vinyl

Ramallah - from nowhere - was founded in 2003 as a solo project departure by "White Trash" Rob Lind of Blood For Blood notoriety. Lind teamed with Boston, MA-area producer and guitar virtuoso Jason Eick and a new team of musicians to bring this latest chapter to life. This album is truly representative of his entire scope and will appeal to long-time Ramallah fans as well as the vast base of Blood For Blood fans that have been waiting for new music for decades. LP includes digital download. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 100 copies.

  1. The Last Gasp Of Street Rock N' Roll.. (Whatever Happened To The Core We Loved?)
  2. I Don't Believe
  3. Dead Girls & Dead Boys Anthem
  4. City Boy
  5. I Seen You Crawling
  6. The Times We Had
  7. Bye Bye...
  8. The Last Gasp (Of A Wasted Youth & Wasted Life)