Restorations "LP5000" 12" Vinyl


Restorations has always been a band keenly aware of its surroundings and LP5000 is just that: seven songs written and recorded during a time of transition. It’s a record about displacement. It’s about feeling complacent and coming to the sudden realization that maybe things aren’t as solid as they’d seemed—in politics, in personal relationships, and in the different corners of their hometown of Philadelphia. It’s about knowing now that if you don’t constantly work 24/7 to keep things together, they can easily fall apart. One long, sustained “Oh, fuck.”

Recorded with longtime collaborator Jon Low (The National, Frightened Rabbit, The War On Drugs), LP5000 is everything that fans have come to love about Restorations over the course of its decade-long career: anthemic heartland rock-and-roll replete with mile-wide riffs, psychedelic chooglin’and too many guitars. During production, the band took the time to examine these seven songs, rip them apart, and rebuild them from the bottom up. “We spent a ton of time deconstructing, trying different arrangements and exploring the material in a way we’ve never had time for previously,” says frontman Jon Loudon. “What we came into the studio with and what we left with were two completely different albums.”

It seems like a moot point to talk about Restorations’ future. For a band who’s spent so many years writing songs about the future unknown, they’re just happy to be in the present, reunited with Tiny Engines for LP5000, who are also celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Ten years is a long time for any band, but for Loudon, Dave Klyman, Ben Pierce, Dan Zimmerman and Jeff Meyers, Restorations is more than being in a band; it’s being a part of a family—a Philadelphia music scene that’s grown to support and be supported by hundreds of musicians, fans and friends. That kind of support is timeless.


  1. St.
  2. Nonbeliever
  3. Remains
  4. Melt
  5. The Red Door
  6. Caretaker
  7. Eye