Screamin Silence "Bad Mood" CD


IT IS TIME. Nearly 4 years ago S2 released their last cd and it's nice to have them back with a new release. 10 powerfull tracks, no skips, no intros. On this new cd you can find all the stuff you liked from the old cds of S2 but all together it is way more heavier, faster and way more aggressiv. 
You also need to check the artwork with the incredible drawings done by ScottMOVE (Special Move).

Screamin Silence, Madball, All Out War, Shattered Realm, Nasty, Hoods...

01. bad mood
02. sting
03. everything turns
04. critical people
05. true friends
06. replaceable
07. dont take their shit
08. bitch
09. bad day
10. young kid