Section H8 "Welcome To The Nightmare" 12" Vinyl


Formed in 2018, in Los Angeles, CA, Section H8 creates gritty and callously honest hardcore punk. "Welcome To The Nightmare" is pure hardcore punk at it's finest, with fast as hell instrumentals that quickly become formidable and pummeling on the turn of a dime. Made up of Aldo (guitar), Chris (drums), Dan (bass, vocals), Mexi (vocals), and Ryan (guitar, vocals), Section H8's members aren't new to this world by any means - playing in acts such as Product Of Waste, Downpresser, Minus, Human Garbage, and Nomads to name a few - but their first full-length effort is refreshing and unique among the current trends of hardcore and punk.


  1. Nightmare
  2. 100 Seconds
  3. Knife
  4. Track And Field
  5. Roaches
  6. Mist-Head
  7. F.O.A.D.
  8. Streetsweeper
  9. Behind The 8 Ball
  10. Hate