Sentinel "Sense Of Dread" Cassette


The new band Sentinel features Mindforce guitar wizard Mike Shaw, as well as Age Of Apocalypse’s Jack Xiques, who’s also in Colossus and Pillars Of Ivory. Bassist Evan Schlomann comes from Casket Architects, and drummer Will Hirst is in the great Massachusetts band Restraining Order. Sentinel singer Ace Stallings is a Richmond guy who I know a little bit. Stallings books a lot of shows in Richmond, runs the Richmond Hardcore Shows Instagram page, and hosts the great podcast Forum Of Passion. For a long time, Stallings fronted the youth crew band Break Away. These days, Stallings sings for the band Mutually Assured Destruction, who released the great Fever Dream EP last year. That guy’s got a voice.


  1. March Of Pain 
  2. Sentinel 
  3. Sense Of Dread 
  4. Interlude 
  5. Control You 
  6. Demon Heart 
  7. New Hell 
  8. Dear Cops (Bastard)