Shark Attack "Discography" 12" Vinyl


Shark Attack was started by Matt Smith (formerly of Rain On The Parade) and Matt Summers (My War Records). Their "Discography" album (released on Six Feet Under Records) combines both the "Feeding Frenzy" and "Blood In The Water" EP into one awesome record. If hardcore is your thing like it is ours, then this is THE album to have in your vinyl collection, so free dive in head first!


  1.  C.C.P.
  2. Blood In The Water
  3. Space Invader
  4. On The Attack
  5. Misery Loves Company
  6. Foreign Job Lot
  7. Persist
  8. Feeding Frenzy
  9. Accept Yourself
  10. Myself
  11. Enough Of You
  12. Friend Of Foe