Sheer Terror "Beaten By The Fists of God" DVD+CD

Sheer Terror are one of NYC's most notorious hardcore punk bands, as well as one of the nations most unlikely cult heroes. Lauded in the world of underground music for their brutal honesty, as well as condemned by the same community for exactly the same reason, this DVD only scrapes the well-worn surface of the legendary NYHC band. ""Beaten By The Fist Of God"" showcases a full DVD documentary of the band including commentary by members of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, DROPKICK MURPHYS, SICK OF IT ALL, and THE RAMONES. The DVD also features a full live set fo the reunion show that took place at CBGB's on October 10th, 204. Additionally, this release also includes a bonus live audio CD of that event.

  1. Here To Stay
  2. I
  3. Spoiler Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful
  4. Love Songs For the Unloved
  5. A Tale of Moran
  6. Close My Eyes
  7. Not Waving, Drowning, Twisting, & Turning
  8. Burning Time
  9. Rock Bottom On the Kitchen Floor
  10. Broken
  11. Jimmy's High Life
  12. Walls
  13. Roses
  14. Ashes Ashes
  15. Just Can't Hate Enough
  16. Boys Don't Cry
  17. Cup o Joe
  18. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory