Ship Thieves "Irruption" 12" Vinyl


"Irruption" by Ship Thieves is a long-time coming for Wollard and the gang, as this collection of tracks have been in the works for several years as the intended follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2016 record "No Anchor." Produced by Ryan Williams at Black Bear Recording Studio (Hot Water Music, Pedro The Lion), "Irruption" is the in-your-face punk record that’ll knock your teeth out within the opening seconds. Released by Chunksaah Records in March 2021.


  1. The Embers of Enlightenment
  2. Race to Oblivion
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Tangled Net
  5. Hercules Stomp
  6. Virulent Man
  7. Access Denied
  8. (I Don't Wanna) Face the Dog
  9. He Lost His Head
  10. Lurking Strain