Signs of the Swarm "Absolvere" 12" Vinyl


The monumental fourth album from Pittsburgh's heaviest... Absolvere takes a dark conceptual journey into the realm of the human mind and the modern condition to go along with a pulverizing production from Christian Donaldson (Shadow of Intent, Cryptopsy, Ingested) and strikingly beautiful red and black artwork. To add some spicy sauce, the band also offer up a special 'Crimson' Edition of the album artwork here.


  1. Hymns Of Invocation
  2. Boundless Manifestations
  3. Dreaming Desecration
  4. Totem
  5. Nameless
  6. Absolvere
  7. Revelations Ov A Silent King
  8. Hollow Prison
  9. Blood Seal
  10. Death Whistle