Tales From the Crypt Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 12" Vinyl


Limited pumpkin-colored vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 1990's horror anthology series. Features a "who's who" of film composers including Danny Elfman, Jan Hammer, James Horner, Jimmy Webb, David Mansfield, Ry Cooder and others. First time on vinyl!


  1. Danny Elfman– Tales From The Crypt (Main Title)
  2. Jan Hammer– Three's A Crowd
  3. James Horner– Cutting Cards
  4. Jimmy Webb– Loved To Death
  5. David Mansfield– Dead Wait
  6. Nicholas Pike– Undertaking Parlor
  7. Bruce Broughton– Carrion Death
  8. Miles Goodman– Ventriloquist's Dummy
  9. David Newman– The Thing From The Grave
  10. Ry Cooder– The Man Who Was Death
  11. Cliff Eidelman– Reluctant Vampire
  12. Steve Bartek– Deadline
  13. The Crypt Keeper– The Crypt Jam