Terror "CBGB Omfug Masters: Live June 10 2004 the Bowery" 12" Vinyl


For two decades Terror have been relentless. The band has achieved a kind of longevity that's exceedingly rare, managing to stay both consistently active and consistently ferocious - a feet that's taken them from their underground roots to being one of the most legendary groups in hardcore. Now on their eighth studio album, Pain Into Power, the band have bridged the gap between their past and present, with original guitarist Todd Jones returning to the fold to produce an extraordinarily visceral record that proves Terror's future is looking as fast, heavy, and aggressive as ever.


  1. Better Off Without You
  2. I Don't Need Your Help
  3. Overcome
  4. Nothing To Me
  5. Not This Time
  6. What Have We Done ?
  7. Life And Death
  8. Lowest Of The Law
  9. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  10. Keep Your Distance
  11. Push It Away