The Acacia Strain "Gravebloom" CD


2017 release from the metalcore band. Gravebloom is the highly anticipated follow-up to 2014's Coma Witch. The Acacia Strain are often referred to as the heaviest band around. Any doubt of this claim will surely be silenced with Gravebloom. The Acacia Strain are pioneers of the deathcore genre, and for the past 16 years they've been releasing albums that have managed to stand the test of time and become staples in the metalcore community. They have over 225,000 albums consumed to date in the US alone, a task matched by very few in the realm of hardcore and metal. Over the past decade and a half, The Acacia Strain have been busy doing what they do best: writing dark, heavy, terrifying music. Gravebloom doesn't disappoint. There's a noticeable evolution in the band's songwriting. They have clearly built on their past success and honed in on their craft, taking it to the next level with their brutal breakdowns, various time signatures, dark samples and the band's signature deep growls and screams. Gravebloom is an exciting step forward for The Acacia Strain. They've managed to take everything they've done in the past and expand on it without being cliché or obvious.


  1. Worthless
  2. Plague Doctor
  3. Bitter Pill
  4. Big Sleep
  5. Gravebloom
  6. Abyssal Depths
  7. Model Citizen
  8. Calloused Mouth
  9. Dark Harvest
  10. Walled City
  11. Cold Gloom