The Acacia Strain "Slow Decay" 12" Vinyl


The Acacia Strain's "Slow Decay" released by Rise Records makes our next #CCMusicPick. Blabbermouth states that the band is "enjoying the creative process more than ever and making the best music of their careers as a result. We're all still fucked, but the soundtrack is killer. It's been that kind of year." We couldn't agree more about both album AND year. If you don't own one of the best charting records of their career, you should.


  1. Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat
  2. Crippling Poison
  3. Seeing God
  4. Solace And Serenity
  5. The Lucid Dream
  6. I Breathed In The Smoke Deeply It Tasted Like Death And I Smiled
  7. Crossgates
  8. Inverted Person
  9. Chhinnamasta
  10. One Thousand Painful Stings
  11. Birds Of Paradise Birds Of Prey
  12. Earth Will Become Death