The Bouncing Souls "Anchors Aweigh" CD


"Anchors Aweigh" finds The Bouncing Souls at the pinnacle of their craft. The band's driving, anthemic punk rock style comes tearing through on every single track of the record. Songs like "Kids And Heroes," "New Day" and "Anchors Aweigh" display not only the talent this band posesses, but also the pure enthusiasm they have for making punk rock music of the higest order.


  1. Apartment 5F
  2. Kids and Heroes
  3. New Day
  4. Sing Along Forever
  5. Born Free
  6. Inside Out
  7. Simple Man
  8. Better Days
  9. Night Train 
  10. Todd's Song
  11. Blind Date
  12. Highway Kings
  13. Anchors Aweigh
  14. I Get Lost
  15. The Day I Turned My Back On You
  16. I'm From There