The Bouncing Souls "Live" CD

This is a double disk live set of their greatest hits, entitled simply “Bouncing Souls Live”. The record is a glimpse of the spark that makes The Bouncing Souls such a cultural enigma; their simple straight-ahead love of the live set and steadfast dedication to their rabid devotees could not be more aptly captured. So turn up you stereo and raise your glass to 15 more years!


01. Here We Go
02. Sing Along Forever
03. Say Anything
04. That Song
05. Cracked
06. Kids And Heroes
07. Kids
08. The Something Special
09. Punx In Vegas
10. Joe Lies
11. Argyle
12. Private Radio
13. I Like Your Mom
14. Born Free
15. East Coast! Fuck You!

01. The Ballad of Johnny X
02. Anchors Aweigh
03. Kate Is Great
04. Hopeless Romantic
05. Gone
06. True Believers
07. Apartment 5F
08. Lamar Vannoy
09. Born To Lose
10. Fight To Live
11. Manthem
12. Ole
13. The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics
14. Night On Earth